I am so excited to have you here with me. If you are new here, let’s dance for a while together. Today I’d like to present you the driving force of branding, which is essentially the core of your and my mission — it’s the WHY of what you do. / shorter text /

The Why you lead your business forward! The Why you facilitate! This is an absolutely critical piece and I think it is the first thing that we really need to identify to become a masterful facilitator and an outstanding brand online. It is first item of getting present to the passion, the fuel, the thing that no matter what happens; which drives us forward.

I believe that our Why actually is the reason why we started our business in the first place. Personal Branding helps us to bring this KNOWING and this authentic core back to WHO WE ARE and what we wanted to receive and create instead of having our daily tasks being foggy and complicated.


I’ll give you an example of mine, of what brought me to start a personal brand in the first place, years ago. It really came down to a few things.

I was personally wanting a deeper more authentic connection with other women. So, how we can look at this is: when you’re present to what you want to receive, then that is something that you might naturally want others to receive as well.

“If I’m building my business and am showing up consistently because I want a deeper connection, I’m naturally wanting other women around the world to also have that experience. I would say that’s the driving force of my Why; it’s that deep desire, that need for deeper conversation and not hanging out on the surface level.”

If I go a little bit deeper based on what my experience was of me first going online, the second layer is really around healing the connection wound among women, because that’s what I got.  I just imagine if all of us women were coming to thrive together so that we can each fill our cup that we’re not burning out anymore, and we’re not doing it in the all masculine way.

When I entered into my mission to help women, I had to really get out of my own way, I had to let behind old wounding, and I had to heal myself first – lovingly!

My Why is just keeping expanding and expanding.

For me, leading my brand and soul alignment programs has then become a motivation to empower. I want to give others that. Of course, over time it has expanded and I really want my lady clients to experience a new world with clarity about their mission, their message, and their Why; so they become a driving force to create a ripple effect of empowering and supporting other women and they get a part of my Why too.

Life is short and full of diverse experiences, why not choose the ones that let your heart sings?

When I look at the world and I see all the competition and all the put-downs and the way that women don’t trust each other, this became a source of my why. I wanted to create a community for women to get empowered and to empower each other by being their unique selves.

I want women to support one another and celebrate one another. THAT is really powerful to you, to me, to all of us.


Looking at your Why, looking at what it is that YOU want. When you get present to that feeling and the drive that it’s almost like a soul calling, well, what is that?

It is your Truth, your uniqueness, your branding!
If you can describe why you want to thrive and be free, that’s going to be your most powerful motivation to connect to the core of your brand mission.

Let us talk about this and how to build your gorgeous personal brand on on a zoom call.


Cora has a very heart-centered and caring style and you will feel how she truthfully wants to help you thrive your limitations. She’ll go the extra mile to help you succeed with your brand and soul alignment. I feel much more confident about putting myself out there because I love my new branding, the clarity it brings on how to position myself in the market. Victoria Sanchez

Business & Transformational Coach


Before working with Cora I wasn’t confident in my brand identity and didn’t believe my branding and design looked all that professional. I never invested in design and looked at other business’ branding with envy. After working with Cora, I now have a gorgeous brand identity for my business and I know will have a positive impact on my prospective clients.

Cora is a soulful designer, an experienced creative director, and loving spirit. Do not pass up the opportunity for her to work her magic on your brand. Amanda Berlin

Pitch Writer & Consultant

Johanna Gardner is sharing about her powerful Branding and Alignment Journey

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