How to Attract Your Soul Tribe by Being True to Your Unique Self – Reveal Your #BrandTruth

Putting yourself out there in front of the online world for the first time can be intimidating and overwhelming, to say the least.

You are constantly hearing that you need to build an audience, brand yourself, market correctly, etc… Yet, mindset blocks and overwhelm come in many forms – whether it’s fear of failure, feeling not “good enough”, or fear of having this thing snowball into a bigger deal than you can handle.

But love, here’s the thing – your soulmate clients are waiting to connect with you online, so they can step into your world.

So, although the fear feels so real to you in the moment… let’s take a step forward together anyway. Because in the here and now, there are people who will resonate with your truth, and unique, beautiful personality.

You Have the Power to Brand
Yourself and Make an Impact.

Imagine the following…

  • You guide a tribe of gorgeous women who adore you, and you make a life-changing impact for them by being who you are.
  • The people in your tribe are completely aligned with your values – you get to “geek out” with them, share what is truly important to you, and be yourself; no pretense.
  • You generate income easily, because your tribe is waiting to hear what you have to say, and excited for what you offer. Because of this, you lead your dream lifestyle supported by the financial freedom YOU created. You don’t feel the pressure to “cold sell”, or communicate in a way that doesn’t feel totally right for you.

What would that change for your branding? How would your perception of yourself evolve?

This is the good stuff. You deserve, and you are absolutely capable of, attracting a soul-filling, heart-to-heart tribe with ladies that understand and respect you.

Right now, you might feel unsure how to express your passion-driven purpose to serve them, but be assured the way you see yourself will shape the way others see you too.


Here is the best kept secret to branding yourself:

Knowing what is unique and brilliant about you is so vitally important, because otherwise, your soul clients may seem non-existent. They won’t be able to really connect with you.

Yes, there are unseen and unrecognised inner diamonds inside of you! You have seen glimpses of this throughout your life (for example things you are naturally really good at, what people praise you for, aspects of your personality that light you up). Now, it’s time to uncover these hidden diamonds that are stuck in your unexplored unique truth waiting to be revealed and expressed by you.

Your mission is to find your inner diamonds and shape them out, give them a voice, make them a reality, let them be your guide!

I call this process: Revealing your #BrandTruth

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“Actionable Steps Designed to Help You Attract Your Soulmate Tribe!” by Cora Spoladore

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I’ll shine a light on your inner precious diamonds now:

  • It is “Your Vision” – what you are here on Earth for, this bigger cause, your purpose and goals
  • It is “Your Superpower” – be aware of what is most effortless and joyful for you to do, what are you really good at
  • It is “Your Unique Point of View in Life” – formed by your character and your unique story
  • It is “Your Way to Expand” – being a greater version of yourself, to be an inspiration, and role model for others
  • It is “Your Why” – the motivational force behind all your actions

Your inner diamonds empower and demand you to be uniquely YOU with certainty and clarity!

Once you discover your inner diamonds, they will help you to start the personal transformation of your branding.

Having clarity here will help you rise as the leader, role model, inspirer, or coach you are destined to be.

There is nobody else like you!

Start to let us see your shining bright light!

Here’s how:

  • Surrender to accept how powerful you really are, so you can build up your inner strength and confidence.
  • Release the false idea that you have to be “perfect” or “on your game” right away. You are constantly evolving in your business and personality – this is a strong suit, not a weakness.
  • Let go of being like someone else. Your ability to see and handle things differently than others makes you distinctive. It is what establishes you as the expert in what you do.
  • See yourself being in service for a bigger cause. Visualize and feel into the meaning you feel called towards

To help you to brand yourself, you must align to your soul’s desires.

I will share with you my most powerful affirmations which work for me on a daily basis:

  • “I call my true power back, because I am glorious naturally!”
  • “ I call my inner light back, because I need to let it shine to be an inspiration!”
  • “I call my clarity back, because staying in confusion is not my real state of being.”
  • “ I call my inner guru back, because I am a leader and creator of my life!”

That’s the reality of starting out – it’s taking action, right? It takes some real, transformative inner work, and some willingness to be more authentic, more free, more real – one step at a time.

You will change the world by being yourself and the world’s burning for exactly what you’ve got to offer. Tweet: You will change the world by being yourself and the world’s burning for exactly what you’ve got to offer. @coraspoladore

Don’t keep us waiting!

Start to let us see your bright shining light in your branding! 

I’ve created this simple, action-oriented workbook to help you implement what I’ve talked about in this article, and I am so excited to see it put to good use! To get instant access to the workbook, purchase it here:


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To keep this journey lively, comment below 3x things about yourself that make you unique, and allow you to stand out in the market!

Much Love,

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