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I finally learned how powerful my brand can be and I'm loving the process she guided me through!

“Cora is very thorough, so involved and committed to the highest standard of service. I'm loving the process she is guiding me through and I finally learned how powerful my brand can be to communicate my personality and my service to the world. My greatest takeaway is to have a brand identity and brand concept which is 100% tailored to be the unique business.”

Dana Kalin — Intuitive Business Coach - The Success Priestess

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Presented by Cora Spoladore, 
Personal Brand Specialist & Brand Identity Designer

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“I have to give a big shout out to Cora! She went above and beyond for me and answered my every request. I love to work with her. She is not only very structured she is also an expert in her field so that I can call her an established team member in my programs. She is now coaching and teaching my own clients on brand design! I trust her that much!”

Carolin Soldo — Success and Marketing Mentor

Designs beyond your wildest dreams!

“Cora has not only a heart of gold she has also two wonderful gifts that make her a rockstar Brand Identity Designer. First she has the gift to speak through color and form in a unique and inspiring way.Second she has the gift to see to the core of your soul, she sees who you truly are. She combines this with her professional knowledge to create Designs beyond your wildest dreams. If you are looking for a Brand Identity that truly represents YOU, then I recommend you contact her immediately.”

Sharon Kirstin — Business and Success Coach for Lightworkers