3 Simple Steps For Aligning Your Branding With Meaningful Emotional Connection incl. Checklist

“As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you desire to make a positive impact and generate incredible income. This is what drives you to wake up with motivation and build your business everyday.”

If the above statement is true for you, it’s important to remember that sincere emotional connection to others is vital for creating a business that motivates you every day, and it fosters long lasting client relationships as well.

“This is the true source that maintains the
drive to create long lasting success for all of us.”

Let’s take a look what this means for your branding and business:


Your potential clients gather information and develop opinions about you straight from the beginning. Your content, colors, and imagery speak volumes, simply for the way it makes them feel when they are exposed to your brand’s expression.

“A crucial step in your cohesive branding journey is learning how to attract your specific ideal client.”

You do so by emotionally connecting to what’s important to them. Your brand, altogether, is a story that they can relate to, because it addresses their desires and worries. I call it a part of #soulfulbranding when it is expressed in an empathic and authentic way.

Know that your passion and unique perspective of life should be 100% reflected in your personal branding and business.

Because, you are the life source of your business, and the embodiment of that allows you to attract your DREAM clients; these are people who long to connect with you on a very personal level, while resonating and identifying with your way of showing up in the world.

So, let’s dive deeper!

Here are the 3 simple steps to building meaningful emotional connection with your dream clients:

Use these prompts often to dig deep and discover traits of your personality & core emotions that you can use to communicate the true understanding of your customer’s needs:

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“3 Simple Steps For Aligning Your Branding With Meaningful Emotional Connection.” by Cora Spoladore

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1. Evaluate Your Core Emotions

Your unique personality and core emotions are what make your business aligned with who you are, and it is bringing your business to life in its unique way.

Because, as you know, your brand is more than a logo and a few carefully picked fonts and colors – It is the expression of a woman that people can relate to, and this is what inspires others to work with you.

Write down:

  • What “I-can’t-live-without-emotions” are most important to my daily life experiences?
  • What do I find myself striving to feel?
  • What kind of emotional expression is attractive, exciting, calming, or heartwarming to me?


For example:

  • Being compassionate is what make my daily challenges more aligned to my life’s understanding, and I treat others as I like to be treated.
  • Being bold, brave, and determined is how I make the best decisions without too much procrastination or sabotaging my estimated goals.
  • Being selfless and empathetic helps me attract the clients that resonate with my gentle and caring way. They are looking out for me, and I don’t feel a need to “chase” them.


2. Reveal Your Business Emotions

The emotions that infuse your business and offerings should light you up completely!

You get to create your career and services around your unique and soulful approach; so, be specific on what you want this experience to feel like for yourself.

When your brand’s expression is in alignment with your authentic self, you feel powerful and on purpose while confusion lessens and lessens.

Write down:

  • What feelings, warped in a powerful statement, do I find the most inspiring?
  • What am I really amazing at, that feels wonderful for me?

For example:

  • “I feel empowered to rise women as leaders.”
  • “I feel my best when I am excited and energetic while working.”
  • “The best feeling is when I am calm and still. I want to feel this way as much as possible so that I can connect with my own potential in a relaxed way.”


3. Connect with your Ideal Client’s Emotive Desires

This brings us back to what we touched on in the introduction – you have so many tools you can use to effectively communicate on an emotional level with your client. The first step to doing this correctly is to understand where they are on their journey, what their longings and desires are; do they want to feel loved? Are they wanting to feel motivated to get the results they want? Do they feel frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed, and want to be more clear and calm?

Write down:

  • What do my ideal clients want to feel in order to say “yes!” to my offers?

For example:

  • “My ideal clients want to feel motivated when they work with my program.”
  • “My ideal clients want to feel reassured when they choose me to be their coach or healer.”
  • “My ideal clients want to feel connected emotionally when they see my visuals and brand graphic designs.”

Using the emotions you have discovered through these prompts, you can positively communicate them through your branding to set the right vibe and build a radiant orbit around your personality.


“Your personality is the magical source of your life, business, and soul-filled branding!”Tweet: “Your personality is the magical source of your life, business, and soul-filled branding!” @coraspoladore




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So, dig deep to connect with your authentic self, and use what you find to choose the right emotional connection that you can infuse your marketing with. Doing this will bring light and authenticity to your online presence, and form a strong and cohesive branding that will ultimately create long lasting client relationships.

Share your thoughts and emotions with me, as you are my ideal client! I love to hear how you are feeling about building your emotionally connected branding in a soulful and authentic way. Please prompt your questions below, or send me a message and I will connect with you. Speak soon!


Much Love,
Corauch lob

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