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You're an open hearted woman and empowered by your mission to make an impact in the world?

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  • tweak your current brand design so it looks brilliant
  • use luxury web design as a tool to grow your business
  • tweak your current brand design so it looks brilliant
  • create a luxury web design as a tool to grow your business
  • use the guidance to improve your Brand Design

Hi, my name is Cora Spoladore your Brand Specialist and Brand Identity Designer Designer

Founder of DESIGN YOUR FUTURE Branding with Style and Soul

"Cora is a Rockstar Brand Identity Designer"

Cora has two wonderful gifts that make her a rockstar Brand Identity Designer.
First she has the gift to speak through color and form in a unique and inspiring way.

Second she has the gift to see to the core of your soul, she sees who you truly are. She combines this with her professional knowledge to create Designs beyond your wildest dreams. If you are looking for a Brand Identity that truly represents YOU, then I recommend you contact her immediately.

- Sharon Kirstin  (The Modern Alchemist - Transformational Coach, Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor)

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"Cora goes far and beyond to truly understand you, your uniqueness, and the essence of your branding"

- Amanda Berlin (Communications Consultant for Entrepreneurs)

She created beautiful brand identity design for my launch, my sales page, my free challenge and my home study ecourse. Bud she goes beyond that to truly understand you and your brand essence in a way that illuminates your own business in ways you hadn't imagined.

Before working with Cora I wasn't confident in my design eye and didn't believe my branding and collateral looked all that professional. I never invested in design, and looked at other business's branding with envy.

After working with Cora, I have a gorgeous brand identity for my new online course that I know will have a positive impact on how it's received by my prospective clients. I have even more confidence and pride putting my materials out there into the world.

Cora is a soulful designer, an experienced artist and a creative,loving spirit. Do not pass up the opportunity for her to workher magic on your brand.

Purpose- driven to bring your vision to life

My passion is to provide High-End Premium Design and Brand Identity for heart-centered and spiritual female coaches who have a burning desire to carry their meaningful and deeply transformational work in this world, all while earning a fabulous income!

More specifically, I specialize in Brand Creation by providing my clients with the full scope of Brand Styling, which includes: creating a tailor-made Brand Design through Logo Creation, Brand Vision Boards, Tagline and
Brand Message Development, Brand Style Guideline, and Branded Image Language for Social Media.

Let the Brand Creation begin..."

Here’s where we’ll start our journey to deliver your soulful work in a way that connects from the heart and positions you to attract exceptional clients with ease.

I’ll ask you to close your eyes. To feel into your core. And to tell me, unapologetically, who you are, what you want, and where you're going?

I’ll hold space for you to visualise your highest goal, your deepest desires, and the way you want to show up in the world.

Then, I will map out the luxury, branded, visual identity that will make you radiant online and support your vision.It really can be that simple.

Do you want that outcome? Does your soul resonate with that process?
Yes! Let’s arrange a date to talk.

Cora  Spoladore — Founder of DESIGN YOUR FUTURE - Personal Branding with Style & Soul

Thank you for being so gorgeous

Let's create a Brand Identity with Style and Soul that sells.

It is 100% free and bursting with value!