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Creating Your Color Palette

Yesterday we went through The Meaning Of Color and today we are going to take all of that a few steps further to talk about creating an aligned Color Palette and about how to identify the color palettes used in your favorite images and websites.

Today, we’re playing with COLOR, IMAGES and TONE!
I’ll also give you a couple of useful links to help you along the way…

Before we start, if you haven’t heard of them already,
I want to explain a little bit about Hex Code. Hex Codes are specific 6 digit letter-number combinations that are assigned to a specific shade and hue of color, so it’s possible for you to have consistent colors across all your sites.

You are honing in on your brand colors to set the foundation for what we’re going to cover in the days ahead!

That’s all I’ll say for now, let's dive in.

"Images used as Color Palette Templates"

If you’re struggling with selecting your basic colors, you can use as a guidance the images you collected and pick a colors selection from it.  Check out the following resource which is a web tools where you simply enter the URL of an image or upload an image directly to get a color palette that matches your liking. This is very useful when you choose an image that matches the emotive words you have discovered on day 1.

​• Take your favourite images from your Pinterest Board. Choose images which are aligned with the emotions you want to see your business infused with.
• Visit the color palette creator website
• Create some color palettes and save them to your computer as an PNG file and upload the to your Pinterest board
(watch the tutorial)
• Use the color palette as a beautiful guideline for your visual branding. (Stick to it!)

Share the PNG file of your new color palette in the Facebook Group.

Brand Styling Rule: Keep in mind that your brand styling should always incorporate the shades of your brand colors which makes it easier for you to choose a brighter version of your eg 'navy blue' as a background color for your website.

"Watch the Tutorials"

"How to use "

"Upload to Pinterest "


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