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Professional Brand Styling 

Yesterday we went through "Color Psychology & Personality - The Meaning of Color" and today we are going to take everything you have learned a few steps further!

Today you will choose images, shapes, colors, patterns, tones, and textures that reflect your brand styling concept. Finding beautiful images isn't too challenging but composing a brand style which is purposeful, well-aligned to your personality & desire to serve your ideal client's needs will need more guidance!

I have something for you that I think you are really going to like "Did you know that Brands can be infused with the emotional energy and style of a season?"

Today, I am going to introduce you to The Seasonal Branding Concept to style your Visual Brand!
It’s a nice and easy concept to follow! We start with the four main seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Each season has it's own distinct characteristics and personalities in visual brand styliing.

BUT KNOW - every visual brand is often infused by two seasons or more at the same time.

Confused much? I’ll explain … let’s get started!

"The Power of Colors - Color Psychology & Personality"

Please answer your prompts in the dedicated daily post in the Facebook Group and use this hashtag #Day2 today so that others can be inspired by what you are creating!

• What is the connection between YOU and your chosen color (combination)?
• What does your chosen colors symbolizing for you?
• What does this color combination mean to you?
• Let your words flow intuitively and emotionally.

"Search for Images "

Step into the meaning behind pictures. Create a collection of images which are representing the meaning of your selected emotions and the vibe you desire your clients to experience

You can also search for images on the following platforms, download them to your computer, and upload them to your Pinterest board.

Google Search and Pinterest .

Death to the Stock: They send themed packs of photos to you monthly if you subscribe on their website.
ISO Republic: They have a variety of photos that can searchable or filtered by categories (though not a huge collection). They have textures as well.
Pixels: Similar to Pixabay; smaller collection, but I think nicer images.
Minimography: A nice source of minimalist photos.
Foodies Feed: If you’re a nutritionist, or in food – this is a nice source – often not the healthiest of foods, though.
Gratisography: They’re very unique as they have really quirky and weird edited photos – but if that’s part of your brand and vibe – they’re really cool!
Startup Stock Photos: A nice feed of start-up type photos.
Stock Pic: If you sign up on their website, you receive 10 new photos every other week – or you can see previously released photos on their website. There’s a lovely variety here, from cute puppies to tech gear.
Realistic Shots: Another site with a nice variety of photos.

Feel free to check my Pinterest Profile to get inspired.

I have a huge library of emotionally charged images. The Pinterest boards are called ‘Image Language’.

"Go Pinning on "

Go to your Master the Art of Soulful Branding Pinterest board and add some images you find that match the meaning and the color work you did today. If you have any images on your board that seems out of sync with the work you did today, feel free to remove them so that you create a consistent look. 


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