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We’re going to explore

Emotional Connection with your Business and your Brand

What you will be doing here is awakening the deeper reason why you are running your business.Before you continue, please stop what you are doing and grab a piece of paper and pen.When running a business it can be so overwhelming that we forget how important it is to stop andtake the time to write these things down.

Sometimes we need to slow down first to speed up!
So, let the journey start right here, right now!

"Brand Personality — The Emotional Connection"

Download the WORKBOOK to your computer by clicking the download button. Answering the brand empowering questions will help you to find the right images with more ease.

This workbook will help you craft the foundation of your 'branding' truth!

I know this can be an uncomfortable exercise - especially if your Personal Branding is out of alignment but it is worth it!

You’ll find a list of words which will help you go in a direction which is aligned with your personality. This will help you gain clarity around your brand message. Connect to your heart, be decisive, now is the time!

" the treasure bank of images"

Let the journey begin!
If you’re not familiar with Pinterest or don’t have an account  yet please follow my instructions! 
Visit the website Pinterest by following this link. — Pinterest is completely free and lots of fun too!


 Create a Pinterest account & start a new board for this challenge.
For those of you who have never used Pinterest  here’s a quick video that shows you the basics. Learn how to use Pinterest here:


 Name your new board
“Master the Art of Soulful Branding + Your Name” so that we can see which one is yours.


3. Use the hashtags in the description of your pin board and your images #mastertheartofsoulfulbranding #moodboardchallenge
so that we can find all of our mood boards and be inspired by what we are creating.

You simply search later for this hashtag on Pinterest and all of our boards will show up. Easy, right?


Start to build your inspiring collection.
Over the next days, you can save images, colors, graphics, designs - in fact, anything that grabs your attention in an emotional way which is consistent with your messaging, color, and business vision.

What’s really important is that you use your workbooks and write down a clear list of the words that describe how you’d like your business and emotive connection to be communicated before you start working on the images. This is key to give you guidance on how you want to appear online with your visual branding.


Keep structuring your content on Pinterest.
You can make specific notes on each pin if you like.

These are the beginning steps to creating your Mood Board. Over the next few days, we will be fine-tuning your focus.


Cora Spoladore is a Personal Branding Transformist and Brand Identity Designer. She helps powerhouse women and female coaches to stand out, magnetise their audiences’ attention, and transform their authentic brands online. Her Facebook group Branding with Style, & Soul for heart-centered Women

 and has attracted over 650 enrolments to her first high-vibe “Brand Mood Board Challenge” in 2016 & 2017.Cora is also the creator of “Master the Art of Soulful Branding”,   12-Week online program which has helped women infuse their uniqueness + expertise into a powerful, client-attracting brand identity.
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Let's create your Mood Board with Style and Soul.

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