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Joint Ventures and Partnership Inquiries:

I am thrilled to team up with other heart-centered woman who have businesses dedicated to helping others heal, evolve and thrive. It is a divine aspect of my mission to build with other light-bringers, intutitives, psychics, female enterpreneurs and creatives. If this is you, I am ready to connect and explore how we can inspire and uplift both of our audiences together.

Below is my Media Kit as a resource if we work together. To submit a partnership inquiry, please click here to fill out a form. 

I look forward to connecting with you!!

Mini Bio Cora Spoladore:

Hi, in case we don’t know each other please let me introduce myself
My goal is to provide you with gorgeous, intuitive content that’s easy to use and that naturally boosts your earning potential. I love elegance and abundance and want you to have a ton of both as you pursue this good work.

If you’re a female soulful teacher and leader who loves helping others and you are committed to doing meaningful work that’s anchored in service and deep joy…this is for you my sweet Soul.

My name is Cora Spoladore and I am an Intuitive Personal Branding Coach. I specialize in helping heart-centred woman master their inner truthful expression, so they are empowered to create a brand with a cohesive message and clear mission; all while weaving divine wisdom into their lives.

I nurture emerging brands and strength iconic ones through powerful insight and a deep understanding of the woman consumer. My client experience includes working for brands such as Adidas, PayPal, CocaCola and AirBnB – amongst many others. I am focusing now on working primarily with women who are building highly energetic and intuitive businesses with the purpose of creating a ripple effect amongst women who heal, evolve, and thrive successfully.

Cora Spoladore
Intuitive Personal Branding Coach – located in Germany


Once you decide that you are in charge of your destiny,
Your life will never, ever be the same.
Take responsibility for every action and reaction, giving you the power to OWN your life.
It’s the road to the mastery of yourself, and the EASIEST way to the path of greatness.

Free Product Offer for Your Audience

“Brand Mini Course” – Transition from Invisible Coach to Online Authority

This “Brand Mini Course” is more than a brand questionnaire. It is an in-depth workbook course — packed with advice, action steps, guidance, and prompts to create the foundation of your unique, client-attracting personal brand outline.

This guide will show you the exact steps to brand yourself online. HOW to REFLECT your true self to ATTRACT your dream CLIENTS in a magnetic way. You can share your discoveries to REFLECT and INFUSE into a unique, aligned personal brand that emotionally connects from your heart.

Here is the list of the documents that are included in the brand mini course download.

You will receive:
#1 “Bring Your Magnetic Brand To Life” {Workbook }
#2 “Brand Yourself Online Most Powerfully” {Workbook}
#3 “Essential Elements of A Powerful Brand” {Checklist}
#4 “53 Free Stock Photography Websites” {Resource List}

Download here: http://bit.ly/free-brand-mini-course


Interview Topics:

  • Your offers focus on Soulful Branding and the Energy Mapping Method – please tell us more about this.

Interview Questions:

  • What can personal branding do, and what is it in its essence?
  • What are you suggesting to women who do not know how to position themselves in their market?
  • What does it feel like to be out of alignment with your heart-centered business?
  • What are 3 ways to easily reconnect with your joy in business and life?
  • When is the best time to build a professional personal brand?

Questions about Cora:

  • You have had a master’s degree in graphic, brand, and communication design for 17 years – would you have been able to imagine back then what you are doing now?

What the attendees will learn:

  • Symptoms of misalignment with your business and branding
  • What it feels like to be in alignment with your business
  • How to “practice what you preach” and return to the essential energy that drives your business
  • Ways to reconnect to your joy and run a successful business from that space

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