Hi Gorgeous, it's time to
"Emerge from The Crowd"

with Personal Branding

You are an amazing woman, and now is the time to grow into your possibilities.

I celebrate your strong commitment to yourself and your business.

In a very short period of time, you will have strengthened your brand on many levels. Everything you do and say, what you send to your clients, how you interact – it’s all messaging that you are putting out there about you and your brand identity.

It’s my deepest intention that you look back on this time, you will see it as a true turning point in your business.

We are about to create a room of expansion for you to grow and to unleash your desire to emerge to your fullest capacity as a person AND as a business owner.


We get clear on your personal brand identity essence.

In the recesses of your heart and mind- do you really KNOW what your magic is?
What sets you apart and makes you a magnet for your dream clients - and on track to build your perfect and SUSTAINABLE business?

{Work file} — You make the Difference — Your Strengths

{Work file} — Be inspired by the competition you admire


Your unique message is key to build trust and stand out from the crowd.

{Work file} — Your Brand Message and Brand Pitch


Your brand message  and the emotional connection to your clients.

{Work file} — Your Brand Message - Permission to Shine

{Work file} — Your Brand Authenticity & Emotional Connection

{Presentation} — The Essential Steps To Create A Personal Brand Online


Your Signature Program  the core of your service.

Creating your signature program is not a component of the Emerge From The Crowd program, however, I would like to include some guidance for you in program creation. Perhaps you have your program outline in place…? If so, it is valuable for me to know how you transform your clients’ lives.

{Work file} — Your Signature Program Guidance

{Work file} — Your Signature Program Outline


We dive deeper into  your personal brand identity essence.

Your Bonus Creation

{Bonuses} — Soon To Be Revealed

Your Testimonial means a lot to me

{Testimonial} — Please fill out this short questionnaire

Raise your vibration with these energy sessions 

This are specially recorded sessions to hold the space for you, to help you to step into your power, into own your uniqueness, to own your leadership and to shine your light.

Your first Energy Session

15 minutes audio session

This is a private energy-session channeled especially for you - to support you to have the clarity and confidence to shine your light, own your leadership and to step into a bigger space both personally and professionally. You're welcome to listen to it anytime you would like support to feel lighter, more vibrant, and more connected with Source and with who you really are.

Raising Your Vibration with One-Touch

9 minutes audio session

Whenever you feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed, this audio can help you to raise your vibration and to have a sense of reconnection with yourself and with your flow. Using a very simple technique called One-Touch, you can release the fears and blocks that are holding you back, and instead, feel a sense of peace and calm. You can once again discover the freedom to move through your day in the way that feels lightest, most joyous and most flowing for you.

Owning Your Leadership Meditation

13 minutes audio meditation

This audio is to support you with owning your leadership, to feel comfortable with it, feel confident and clear and to feel a sense of deep connection with yourself as you are stepping deeper into your leadership role. You are embodying more and more of who you really are and bringing through your message, your energy, and your awareness, and making a difference in a way that feels most joyful and aligned for you.

Shining Your Light Meditation

15 minutes audio session

Allow yourself to connect with your own Divine Source connection and to let go of what you no longer need. Give yourself permission to enjoy your life, to have more freedom and peace, and to be more of who you really are. Allow yourself to naturally and easily shine more of your own light, your frequencies and your consciousness, and to also receive more - more love, energy and spaciousness for you to be the beautiful and unique Being you are.

Living Your Purpose Meditation

14 minutes audio meditation

Explore opening up more to your Divine purpose, and to living your purpose with a sense of joy and freedom to be and express who you really are. Allow yourself to live your life with a sense that you are a part of something bigger, a part of something beautiful that you are co-creating in partnership with the Universe - something that is in complete alignment with all that is meaningful for you and that allows you to experience a life that feels blessed.

Your guide Janine Thorp

Janine is my friend and an Intuitive Mentor 

... for spiritual entrepreneurs who love to work at the level of energy and consciousness to bring about deep changes in themselves, in their lives and in their business. Janine offers supports to tap into, to trust and to enjoy your own connection with the Universe so that you can share who you really are in a deeper and more powerful way, making a bigger difference and living an abundant, creative and fulfilling life.

You can connect with Janine directly via email

Hi, I’m Cora, your Personal Brand Specialist and Brand Identity Designer

I created this program using the same effective strategies that I’ve used for big-company clients for the past 15 years. My backgrounds in creating successful online businesses, online launching and brand design are put to work to build a professional personal brand that tells your story, engages your audience, connects you emotionally and uncovers your unique purpose.

You want to transform your branding and align it with your true purpose?

You’re ready to make a greater impact on the world.

You’re ready to let your genius shine as professional as possible.

You’re ready to really knuckle down, do the work, and find real honest success.

You should know,
I don't take your brand identity lightly. 

I don’t just send you a quick logo then shut the door on you.
I take the time to get to know you, your business, your dreams…
because this is the whole package.

Emerge from the Crowd is a transfor-
mational journey. 

Learning to align your branding with your business and your “self” will bring you to the place where you can be THE expert, THE authority, and THE one everyone wants to work with…

It's that next level time for you!