Sacred Soul Alignment™ Practitioner Tools

Sacred creation and design to ignite the spirit of source healing.

Craft Your Own Practitioner "Starter Kit" Card Deck

"Craft Your Own SACRED SOUL ALIGNMENT™ Card Deck"

Made for the Sacred Soul Alignment™ Practitioner: the truth seeker who knows there’s more beyond what meets the eye, who senses the guiding energy around, who has stepped into a life of soulful alignment. This Card Deck is more than a pretty card collection — it is a healing tool. These are high vibrational Sacred Soul Alignment™ Cards which help you as a Sacred Soul Alignment™ practitioner to enhance the flow of your healing practice.

DIY Card Deck "Starter Kit" 

This printable digital download includes from 7 Categories, 66 x JPG , 1x Print Master (33 x Letter Size), + PDF Collection

Introductory Price of $19.90 USD — Use this CODE: SSADIGITAL in checkout {copy and paste the coupon code}

These Sacred Soul Alignment™ prints are great to:

Have a convenient and beautiful tool for yourself and your clients to perform the alignment
Enhance the healing process by sharing the specific image (jpg) of the card with clients after or during the session to
Focus on the energy rather than looking into your scripts
Reduce the noises on the recording because of the perfect size of the cards
Focus the alignments you are working on by placing them on your sacred space

This is a direct download send into your inbox. These cards come to your convenience, ready to be printed on a letter size format (Print Master), as well as a nicely presented PDF version, and as single JPG's per alignment.

This download includes the following documents:
• PDF with exact instructions how to print and cut out the Alignment Cards
• PDF with 33 pages, each page prints 2 alignments
• 66 JPG's files each for every Alignment

What you will need is:
1x cutting knife
18 x hight quality letter size printing paper
1x metal ruler
1 x color printer
1 x patience and love

Which Sacred Soul Alignments™ are included?


• Releasing Healers’ Oaths, Vows, Contracts, and Obligations
• Activating the Ability to Heal Self and Others
• Religious Oppression


• Spark of God Alignment
• Activate Your Magnetism
• Love Yourself Fully
• Own Your Sparkle
• Advance with Ease and Joy
• Spiritual Detox
• Lemurian Wisdom
• Pleiadian Wisdom
• Cleanse and Protect

• Soul’s Blueprint
• Clarity
• Giving Away Power - Activate Power
• Activating 12 Strands of Spiritual DNA
• Seeing with Your Third Eye
• Crystalline Energy
• Multidimensional Self
• Collapsing Timelines
• The Worst Vice is Advice


• Wisdom of the Trees
• Miracles

• Rose Alignment
• Magic


• Sleep Soundly
• Brain Balancing for Brain Chemistry
• Endocrine System Balance
• Hormone Balance

• Genetic Mutations for Cancer Disconnect
• Genetic Mutations for Disease Disconnect
• Addiction Release
• Serotonin Balance


• Abundance of the Ocean
• Poverty, Struggle, and Suffering Disconnect
• Success without Sacrifice

• True Abundance
• Bending Time


• Divine Life Partner
• Most Compatible Soulmate
• Romantic Oaths, Vows, Contracts, Agreements &  Obligations Complete
• Disconnect and Untethering
• Sexual Trauma and Abuse Release

• Inner Child Merging
• Soul Family Connection
• Ties That Bind
• Forgiveness
• Clearing Ancestral Karma, Oaths, Vows, and Contracts


• Anger and Resentment Release
• Guilt and Shame Release
• Grief and Sorrow Release
• Hopelessness Release
• Soul Fragment Retrieval

• Broken Soul Healing
• Broken Release
• Free At Last
• Procrastination Release
• Sabotage Release

"Sacred Soul Alignments™ are sent with great love and great care"  —  Cora Spoladore

What are Sacred Soul Alignments™?

They are energies from the Creator of All That Is, sometimes brought thru by Archangels, Masters, or beings of 100% pure light. They clear a great number of beliefs (potentially thousands of beliefs per alignment), as well as shock and trauma, trapped emotions, oaths vows and contracts, collapse timelines that are not serving us, balance the systems and cells of the body and delete negative genetic programming.

They activate dormant gifts and abilities, as well as bring in new ones, activate parts of the DNA and crystalline cells in our bodies, activate sacred geometry, increase psychic abilities and intuition, and more.

These alignments work across all lifetimes, timelines, dimensions and realities, across all time and all directions of time. They clear and align in the DNA-including your family 7 generations forward and backward in time, and for the Collective Conscious and Unconsciousness. The Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality is created by Elysia Hartnell who is my mentor and friend on our journey to make this world a better place.

What will happen in the Sacred Soul Alignments™ Session?

We will call in the energies from the 7th plane of All That Is in order to be fully protected, to get clear, pure information, and to work without the rules and obligations to the lower planes. From there, our options are unlimited. Here is where the magic of creation happens. First you will feeling the unconditional love of this 7th Plane and start to resolve trapped emotions, believe pattern, oath, vows, and contracts, releasing energy attachments in all your bodies physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and ethically. All of this is just the beginning.

How to become a Sacred Soul Alignment™ Practitioner by yourself?

Elysia Hartzell, a multi-dimensional healer, channeled these Sacred Soul Alignments™ directly from Creator of All That Is, as part of her modality by the same name. If you’ve ever longed to release that which does not belong so you can rise to your highest potential and live from your truth…If you’ve ever longed to be a channel love, light, healing in the world...If you’ve ever longed to make a real difference….Sacred Soul Alignments™ will allow you to do all of this and more.

If you would like to receive the Sacred Codes so you can start to channel life-changing Sacred Soul Alignments™ for yourself and your clients, please take a look at Elysia’s certification class (

You won’t find these Codes anywhere else. In this course you will be attuned to these Sacred Codes so you will be a clear and aligned channel for Universal and Sacred Energies to flow through. This will allow you to run powerful Sacred Soul Alignments™ so your clients can release hundreds and thousands of negative beliefs, traumas, vows, contracts and agreements that are blocking them from living a life of freedom, abundance and soulful satisfaction.

Who is Cora Spoladore?

In case we don’t know each other yet … Hi, I’m Cora!
I'm a heart-centered Sacred Soul Alignment™ Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Personal Branding Coach, and Brand Identity Designer. I work with healers, powerhouse women, female coaches, and world changers so that they can reveal their unique power and truth, while standing firmly in their soulful, authentic, and client-attracting personal brands.

It’s my mission to help women build a business that truly lights them up and gives them the personal and financial freedom they’ve always desired. I’m so passionate about working in partnerships because I believe in innovation and infinite support. That is why I've created this beautiful high-vibrational card deck to empowering all Sacred Soul Alignment™ practitioners.

I believe there are so many driven, brilliant, loving women out there who need a shining example, a guide, and a partner to support them and creating aligned businesses in this industry - so let's create together!

Much love  —  Cora Spoladore

Let's create a ripple effect of healing and support!

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