Private Healing Sessions with Cora Spoladore

Inevitable expansion to answer your soul's calling to be, do, and have
MORE ALIGNMENT in your life and business.

This is a deeply healing session designed to clear your abundance blocks while activating you on a cellular level to allow yourself to receive abundance and prosperity in all forms.
Sacred creation to ignite the spirit of your soul.

Sacred creation to ignite the spirit of your soul.

 Listen to this meditation to connect you the heart of creation. This will prepare you perfectly for our upcoming session.
I can't wait to connect to you and share sacred space and healing.
Much love, Cora Spoladore

Made for the the truth seeker who knows there’s more beyond what meets the eye, who senses the guiding energy around, who has stepped into a life of soulful alignment.

Listen to this beautiful testimonial by Tara Howisey below

"Sacred Soul Alignments™ are sent with great love and great care"    Cora Spoladore

Sacred Soul Alignment™ - Private Healing Session

USD 111$    instead of USD 197$

60 minuntes of inner transformation. We will connect with the universal energies, and all of the Masters, Teachers and Guides that come through for you. We will work through any blocks, beliefs, and energies that are ready to shift during our call. I will run the energy of the Alignments that best suite your highest and best good in what you are working on in your life. 

I am in the groundbreaking new healing modality Sacred Soul Alignment™ and have been attuned to all current Alignments, including 84 strand DNA activation

It's my signature client session where I help you uncover your hidden challenges and give you intuitive insight on what beliefs need to be cleared. 

After our session you will receive an audio recording of the session so you may listen to the Sacred Soul Alignments™ as often as you like in order to fully integrate these energies into your life with ease. The more you listen to this, the more blocks you clear, making room for you to receive accelerated levels of abundance without resistance. You will leave the session feeling renewed, energised, and inspired.

These Sacred Soul Alignments™ are available in the session


• Launch Fear
• Launch Blocks

• Launch Magic


• Releasing Healers’ Oaths, Vows, Contracts, and Obligations
• Activating the Ability to Heal Self and Others

• Religious Oppression
• White Seamless Suit


• Spark of God Alignment
• Activate Your Magnetism
• Love Yourself Fully
• Own Your Sparkle
• Advance with Ease and Joy
• Spiritual Detox
• Lemurian Wisdom
• Pleiadian Wisdom
• Cleanse and Protect
• Soul’s Blueprint
• Clarity

• Giving Away Power - Activate Power
• Seeing with Your Third Eye
• Crystalline Energy
• Multidimensional Self
• Collapsing Timelines
• The Worst Vice is Advice
• Diamond Light
• Feminine and Masculine Balance
• Claiming Your Voice


• Root Chakra Alignment
• Sacral Chakra Alignment
• Solar Plexus Chakra Alignment
• Heart Chakra Alignment

• Throat Chakra Alignment
• Third Eye Chakra Alignment
• Crown Chakra Alignment


• Activating 12 Strands of Spiritual DNA
• Activating 36 Strands of Spiritual DNA
• Activating 84+ Strands of Spiritual DNA and beyond


• Wisdom of the Trees Alignment
• Miracles Alignment
• Rose Alignment
• Magic Alignment


• Luna Alignment
• Dolphin Alignment
• Stardust Alignment
• Gaia Alignment
• Aina Alignment



• Sleep Soundly
• Brain Balancing for Brain Chemistry
• Endocrine System Balance
• Hormone Balance

• Genetic Mutations for Cancer Disconnect
• Genetic Mutations for Disease Disconnect
• Addiction Release

• Serotonin Balance
• Releasing toxins stored in organs, rejuvenating organs
• Regulating metabolism
• Adrenal Fatigue/ Failure
• Tension Alignment
• Weight as Shield
• Pain Body Alignment



• Abundance of the Ocean
• Poverty, Struggle, and Suffering Disconnect
• Success without Sacrifice

• True Abundance
• Bending Time


• Divine Life Partner
• Most Compatible Soulmate
• Romantic Oaths, Vows, Contracts, Agreements &  Obligations Complete
• Disconnect and Untethering
• Sexual Trauma and Abuse Release

• Inner Child Merging
• Soul Family Connection
• Ties That Bind
• Forgiveness
• Clearing Ancestral Karma, Oaths, Vows, and Contracts
• Truth and Trust
• Freedom


• Anger and Resentment Release
• Guilt and Shame Release
• Grief and Sorrow Release
• Hopelessness Release
• Soul Fragment Retrieval
• Broken Soul Healing
• Broken Release

• Free At Last
• Procrastination Release
• Sabotage Release
• Releasing attachment to others emotions and expectations
• Fear
• Trauma Disconnect

What are Sacred Soul Alignments™?

They are energies from the Creator of All That Is, sometimes brought thru by Archangels, Masters, or beings of 100% pure light. They clear a great number of beliefs (potentially thousands of beliefs per alignment), as well as shock and trauma, trapped emotions, oaths vows and contracts, collapse timelines that are not serving us, balance the systems and cells of the body and delete negative genetic programming.

They activate dormant gifts and abilities, as well as bring in new ones, activate parts of the DNA and crystalline cells in our bodies, activate sacred geometry, increase psychic abilities and intuition, and more.

These alignments work across all lifetimes, timelines, dimensions and realities, across all time and all directions of time. They clear and align in the DNA-including your family 7 generations forward and backward in time, and for the Collective Conscious and Unconsciousness. The Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality is created by Elysia Hartzell who is my mentor and friend on our journey to make this world a better place.

What will happen in the Sacred Soul Alignments™ Session?

We will call in the energies from the 7th plane of All That Is in order to be fully protected, to get clear, pure information, and to work without the rules and obligations to the lower planes. From there, our options are unlimited. Here is where the magic of creation happens. First, you will be feeling the unconditional love of this 7th Plane and start to resolve trapped emotions, believe pattern, oath, vows, and contracts, releasing energy attachments in all your bodies physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and ethically.  All of this is just the beginning.

Who is Cora Spoladore?

In case we don’t know each other yet … Hi, I’m Cora!
I'm a heart-centered Sacred Soul Alignment™ Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Personal Branding Coach, and Creative Director. I work with healers, powerhouse women, female coaches, and world changers so that they can reveal their unique power and truth, while standing firmly in their soulful, authentic, and client-attracting personal brands.

It’s my mission to help women build a business that truly lights them up and gives them the personal and financial freedom they’ve always desired. I’m so passionate about working in partnerships because I believe in innovation and infinite support. That is why I've created this high-vibrational and transformational service to empowering all women who are ready to step up in their life and business.

I believe there are so many driven, brilliant, loving women out there who need a shining example, a guide, and a partner to support them and creating aligned businesses in this industry - so let's create together to be this woman!

Much love  —  Cora Spoladore

Let's create a ripple effect of healing and support!

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