Energy Alignment Meditation Series

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  • Energy Alignment Meditation Series 

Love & Connection  with the Golden Light
Immerse Yourself in Golden Light

In this meditation on love and connection, you will connect with the earth, the cosmos, with the sound of your heart and with the Golden Light around you.

Love & Connection with Everything
You are Everything - Everything is You

 On this journey, you will use your breath and natural vibration to feel your connection to all that is. You may work with the technique you will learn in this meditation anytime and in any situation to feel your connection to everything that exists in this universe, simply by consciously observing your breath and its flowing movements in your body.

Peace and Power in Your Heart
Fill your Body with Life Energy

This journey will help you strengthen your connection to your heart—your place of peace and power. Envelop your Heart Energy.

Lights of Hearts — Just Remember
Reconnect with your Heart's Energy

On this journey, you will meditate on the “light of hearts”. You will travel back to your source, and you will remember who you really are and why you are here. This meditation allows you to relax deeply, and to open your consciousness and heart as much as you comfortably can.

Journey to Your Inner Sanctuary
Everything within You is Still and Abundant

This very powerful meditation will take you on a soul journey to your inner sanctuary.It will show you the way to your inner source of strength which will empower and enliven you, giving you everything you need. Colorful light will harmonize your chakras, and divine white light will purify and renew you. After this energy ourney, you will return to your everyday life filled with light and love, strengthened and revitalized by your inner source of power.

Loving Beings of Light
Deep Peace is within You

On this journey, you will connect with the loving light beings within you. Allow them to show you the way to a beautiful crystal cave, where all your questions will be answered.

Sunrise at the Ocean
The Waves flow with your Breath

On this journey, you will get to enjoy a mental holiday at the ocean. Visit a secluded sandy beach at sunrise, watch the waves, and listen to the morning songs of the birds. Embark on this alignment whenever you wish to start your day peacefully and filled with energy, or listen to this recording before going to sleep to begin your next day well rested.

Fly to the Clouds
Become Completely free

On this journey, you will fly to the clouds, which is where you will find lightness, freedom, and absolute peace, letting your true self emerge. Flying to the clouds will relax your body and mind, and help you get in touch with yourself.

Images of your Soul
You are the Source of your Life

Let yourself have a little time-out, and embark on a relaxing journey into the images of your soul. Allow yourself to be taken on a journey through the realm of your soul. Open your third eye to the beauty that dwells within you, and discover the treasures of your inner world.
On this journey, you will receive many images, impressions, and perhaps some helpful insights, too. Prepare a piece of paper and a pen if you like, and doodle or write about your meditation experience after listening to this recording. This will help you remember more of what you’ve seen, and you may also gain some further insights in the process.

Lights in the Mountains
The Waves are Flowing with your Breath

This journey will help you relax deeply. Retreat from your everyday life for a while, and spend some time on a beautiful mountain meadow. Enjoy the sunshine above the mountain peaks, enfolding everything in a peaceful light. Shine just like the sun, and bless the world with your love and warmth. Remembering that you are a being of light and love yourself.

Who is Cora Spoladore?

In case we don’t know each other yet … Hi, I’m Cora!
I'm a heart-centered Sacred Soul Alignment™ Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Personal Branding Coach, and Creative Director. I work with healers, powerhouse women, female coaches, and world changers so that they can reveal their unique power and truth, while standing firmly in their soulful, authentic, and client-attracting personal brands.

It’s my mission to help women build a business that truly lights them up and gives them the personal and financial freedom they’ve always desired. I’m so passionate about working in partnerships because I believe in innovation and infinite support. That is why I've created this high-vibrational and transformational service to empowering all women who are ready to step up in their life and business.

I believe there are so many driven, brilliant, loving women out there who need a shining example, a guide, and a partner to support them and creating aligned businesses in this industry - so let's create together to be this woman!

Much love  —  Cora Spoladore

Let's create a ripple effect of healing and support!

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