Hello Gorgeous, welcome to the

"Emerge from The Crowd" Program

Personal Brand Creation with Style and Soul

Thank you so much for deciding to join the Emerge From The Crowd Personal Brand Identity Creation. You are about to change your business, and I commend you for taking this step!

We will have our first Welcome Call shortly, and I know that together, there’s so much we can do for your business and personal branding, and I am very excited about it!

To get the most out of this journey, it is important that we share the same understanding about how we will work together.

Please read the points below and get in touch with me with any questions you have.

The Sessions

We will be working together every week with a commitment of 6 x Brand Exploration and Consultation Sessions plus 2 x Creative Briefing Sessions.

This timeframe ensures that we honor the time it takes to reach your branding goals and create the message that resonates with you to the full. Please come prepared to our sessions with questions regarding your work files or specific topics you like to know more about.

Each session is 45 minutes in length and takes place via Zoom App (I will send you a private link).

We will dive deep into your business model, your services and program. To make it as convenient as possible I am providing you with a personalized website where you get access to your backend, an overview of what is coming next, our recordings, and all documents we are creating together. You will also find your bonuses and extra support which I am providing for you.

I will bring myself to our sessions free from distractions and respectfully request that you do the same.

We agree that we will show up at the mutually scheduled time for our session. If you have to reschedule you will do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice by using the reschedule link in the appointment email.

We will meet every Wednesday.  I suggest booking your six sessions in advance and the two creative briefing sessions when we begin the Creative Process.

You have the option to reschedule sessions, but it will extend our journey by that equal amount.

Please note that this program runs maximum 12 weeks.

If you need to postpone our work together, please let me know minimum one week before your scheduled session so that we can stay flexible to reschedule with ease.

The Payment

I can confirm that you’ve paid the full amount or the first part of the 3 part payment plan for your program.
Also, if you have deposited the 500US$ to secure your spot in the program this information is to set you up for what is about to come very soon. 

Note that program fees are non-refundable.

Should you choose to “quit” the process without completing your program you will lose remaining sessions and the completion of the work.

Should you decide to continue working with me as your personal brand designer (woohoo!) after the conclusion of the initial program, I’m offering you a special price for my services.

Our Communication

I welcome communication between our calls via email. It is my expectation that you will reach out to me if you get stuck, and you need some feedback. Also, please share your insights, thoughts, and inspiration on creating a branding you love! 

As agreed, I will respond to your emails within 24-36 hours of receiving them Monday – Friday via this email address brand@www.yourfuturedesign.com. There will be minimal exceptions due to illness, travel, and holidays. I will communicate openly with you regarding times I am/will be unavailable.

I welcome your input and questions along the way. Our relationship is a collaborative one, and the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it! Ask me questions, ask for my feedback, tell me about your ideas, and share with me your insights along the way. You are your best expert even if you don’t know it yet, and I’m your creative partner on this journey.

I will also call or email you if I have something to share or if I have a thought or idea which might be useful to you between our sessions together. I love providing this extra level of service and will not charge you for it.

Our Relationship

We are entering into a collaborative relationship, which is vital to your success. I am your brand specialist, your brand designer, you partner and co-creator. If you do need help that is best served by a marketing strategist or a business coach, I will make that recommendation to you to propel our brand development even further.

I offer my Done-For-You-Design-Service to tailor your brand styling exactly to your business model and your personality. There is no third-party provider involved.

The Guarantees

Please recognize that this program will always have your best interest at heart and that with consistent work and an open mind, you can make huge life-changing strides toward your branding goals. However, with as with anything in life, there are no guarantees and your success is dependent on your effort outside of this program to continue with your branding.

The Confidentiality

You recognize that in the course of our work together, you may divulge goals, future plans, business affairs, past personal history, and any other private information. I will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, voluntarily share any such information with a third party.

I’ll use your branding success and new styling to promote your business and services by showcasing your new styling and your programs or events on social media, on my website and there alike.

I’m here for you as your personal 

Brand Specialist and Brand Identity Designer

My Quality Promise for you

I created this program using the same effective strategies that I’ve used for big-company clients for the past 15 years. My backgrounds in building successful online businesses, online launching, and brand design - all put to work to build a personal brand that tells your story, engages your audience, connect emotionally and uncovers your unique purpose.

Together we'll define 

the blueprint for your brand transformation: 

Identifying your Superpowers

... starting by celebrating your skill set with love and appreciation - paving your way to greatness.

Finding your Positioning

... putting together a “love list” so we can get really in tune with your market, and the competitor messages already in place. We’ll look to your cross-platform peer group to learn about what’s working and what’s been done.

Build Your Leadership Role

... creating your unique brand identity character and learn how to lead with power, love, and soul. We’ll put steps in place to help you dance under that spotlight with confidence, class and composure.

Unique Inspirational Truth

... crafting inspiring and striking quotes to help you share your truth with a wider audience. These powerful love notes will help you shape your message and promote social interaction, on any platform of your choice.

Brand Style Creation

... dive deep into the creative briefing, and start unlocking the inspiration that leads to your visual branding.

Vision to Concept

... creating visuals that connect, by focusing on your vision, your mood board, and your image language. By defining a visual concept, we’ll align your visual identity with your core brand messages.

Branded Identification

... bringing your logo, subtitle, and color palette into being - this is the framework of your unique brand, some of the key elements that will help turn a single glance into a long-lasting client relationship.

You should know,

I'm passionate to create your brand identity. 

I don’t just send you a quick logo then shut the door on you.
I take the time to get to know you, your business, your dreams…
because this is the whole package.

Emerge from the Crowd

is a transformational journey. 

Learning to align your branding with your business and your “self” will bring you to the place where you can be THE expert, THE authority, and THE one everyone wants to work with.

Here are the 

logistics of the program

In this program, I will craft a compelling brand message, brand concept, brand positioning, and your outstanding brand styling that’s a true reflection of who you are, and incorporate your story in a way that deeply resonates and sticks with your audience.

Personal Branding Plan: 
6 weeks personalized step by step Done-With-You where we create EXACTLY the outline of your business foundation so that you gain more credibility and professionalism, and so that you can create the business you desire.

Strategic and Personalized Brand Message:
beyond tagline and pitch, you want your brand positioning so that you can be seen as an expert in your field and your enticing, cohesive, beautiful and aligned Brand Styling. Your Mood Board will help to get the creativity and uniqueness flowing and, of course, your Logo and Design Collateral Creation will set you apart from others.

Professional Brand Styling: 
2-3 weeks 100% customized for YOU, me as your experienced brand and online designer who will take care of your aligned design, the visual collaterals and who will take the time to get a deep sense of your personality, your service and the essence of your brand identity

Comprehensive Brand Identity Book:
to guide you and your team for years to come

Some lovely words from my former clients

"Cora is a

Rockstar Brand Identity Designer."

"Cora has two wonderful gifts that make her a rockstar Brand Identity Designer."

First, she has the gift to speak through color and form in a unique and inspiring way. Second she has the gift to see to the core of your soul; she sees who you truly are. She combines this with her professional knowledge to create Designs beyond your wildest dreams. If you are looking for a Brand Identity that actually represents YOU, then I recommend you contact her immediately.

— Sharon Kirstin (The Modern Alchemist - Transformational Coach & Spiritual Mentor)

"Cora goes beyond that to

truly understand you and your brand essence."

"Cora is a soulful designer, an experienced artist, and a creative, loving spirit. Do not pass up the opportunity for her to work her magic on your brand."

She created beautiful brand identity design for my launch, my sales page, my free challenge and my home study ecourse. Bud she goes beyond that to understand truly you and your brand essence in a way that illuminates your own business in ways you hadn't imagined.

Before working with Cora, I wasn't confident in my design eye and didn't believe my branding and collateral looked all that professional. I never invested in design and looked at other business's branding with envy.

After working with Cora, I have a gorgeous brand identity for my new online course that I know will have a positive impact on how it's received by my prospective clients. I have even more confidence and pride putting my materials out there into the world.

— Amanda Berlin (Communications Consultant for Entrepreneurs)

Please reach out to me if you have questions.