Connect to your spirit guides, your soul’s gifts, and your energetic potential

Have you ever wondered how your energetic potential, your soul’s gifts, souls energetic vibration, your inner circle guides, your purpose, and energy centers look like?

I intuitively create an artistic representation of your unique “Soul Potential Energy! This is not just a pretty piece of art this is a reflection of your original Soul’s Energy, your purest form as a spiritual being. It shows you your vibrational frequency, your gifts, your main soul’s energy centers, yes, when aligned with them you receive more vital force energy with ease. It all starts with this awareness for you to SEE and KNOW so that you can ALIGN to who you are! I am weaving my intuitive inner vision into my abilities to read the Akashic Records, as well as the knowledge on how to see, draw, and interpretation energies.

1x digital Soul Potential Energy Drawing USD 299$  USD 444$

3 additional variations are available incl. “Soul Potential Energy Drawing”:
1x Wooden frame, hand stretched canvas, 30x30 cm
1x Black basswood frame, Paper Print, white mat board, 20x20 cm
1x Aluminum panel, waterproof, 30x30 cm, 3mm thick
USD 299$ + USD 69$  USD 533$ 

Purpose of this drawing

As you can imagine how much this energetic representation will help you to find and express your truth while you are branding yourself as a business owner! Powerful, truthful, clear stuff is happening! Trust me!

Note: “Awareness leads to consciousness, which creates clarity, followed by alignment, and actions which are true to your self-expression. Actively changing your life to it’s highest potential!This is simply the formula for creating an aligned approach to your life.”

What you drawing will reveal

  • Soul’s energetic potential 
  • Soul’s color and meaning
  • Soul’s frequency
  • Soul’s #3 energy centers
  • Soul’s clairs and connection to the divine
  • Soul’s inner circle spirit guides
  • Soul’s Gifts and how to use them
  • Soul’s protection 
  • 100% pure white light and love infusion in the drawing

Outline of this session

  • Additional to your “Soul Potential Energy Drawing” you will receive an audio recording with the specifics of your energetic potential. Explaining your energy centers and how to bring them into full swing to step into your aligned journey (life & business).
  • You will receive your soul’s gifts and tools, soul’s energy centers, details about your guides and more…

How does this work

  • Intuitive reading to access the information
  • Using my iPad and Adobe Photoshop app to hand draw your “Soul Potential Energy Drawings” individually
  • Sending you the digital image via download link
  • Sending you an audio recording about your soul’s potential drawing via download link


“If you’ve been wanting to get clearer on your purpose in your life, reconnect with your uniqueness, or simply recharge instantly and feel more present, book a session with Cora. She is a joy to connect with, and I believe everyone deserves an opportunity like this to connect with their true potential.”

(VIP Sacred Soul Alignment Session)

Tay Marie Voorhis
Visual Assistant & Online Magician


“I was speechless when I saw my Drawing of my soul’s potential! Cora infuses so much love into her drawings you feel wrapped in a warm blanket of compassion. I’ve stared at my Drawing over and over since I received it and it brings me so much comfort that I have the knowledge and power from a soul level to do what I came here to do! I felt so aligned to my soul energy that within hours of seeing it I easily made a $2444 sale and even bought a brand new car within days! Something I hadn’t had the confidence to do in 5 years! I’m so grateful for Cora’s magic…She is a remarkable talent, not only artistically, but the drawing includes so much healing that will absolutely change your life!”

(Soul Potential Energy Drawing)

Johanna Gardner
Energy Healer and Life Coach



Intuitively channeled and designed by Cora Spolador

I am drawing your unique “Soul Potential Energy” by using my iPad and Adobe Photoshop. The drawing process takes around 10 days and will be sent out via download link to your email address. After placing your order you’ll receive an email with a short questionnaire. I can’t wait to see your beautiful Soul’s Energy!

Transform your “Soul Potential Energy Drawing” into gallery grade piece of art! It is the perfect touch to bring your high-vibrating drawing into your home. Choose from 3 options on aluminum panel, wooden canvas, or print in a frame.